Things, you don’t know that you don’t know about social media

The biggest challenge that you might be facing in crafting your social media strategy is, though you are getting a good number of followers, but they are not engaged enough to become your customers. Oooops!!!

It is not easy, although it is not impossible. Give them what they want and they will for sure appreciate your effort and are more likely to become your customers. You just can’t keep on implementing tactic after tactic, you have to optimize your conversion. A brand promoted on social platforms that stand out among the noise, reaches customer’s psyche and compels them to act, is a brand which is doing its social media in the most suitable form.

Let us dig deeper and know what you can give to your customers that they will really value:

Tell them their gains and losses: As a marketer, if your message is one that shows what your customers stand to gain from your product, and especially what they’ll lose by missing out on it, you’ll find more and more of them will be compelled to act. This is a basic human psychology, humans are more motivated by the thought of losing than by gaining something.

If you empathize with your customers’ pain points and provide out-of-the-box solutions, it will turn your social followers into leads, and then into customers. For example, your App may reduce your customers’ travel and commutation time and it is hassle-free, although pushing its benefits will work just fine, but content that addresses the inconvenience of not having your App is an eye-opening way that will urge your leads to acting fast.

Always strive to understand your customers’ pain points, this, you can achieve by having a good grasp on their needs and how your product or service fulfills their need.

Stay informed on current events and be the first to publish social posts about what your prospects need, you’ll gain more loyal customers. Also, survey your customers and qualified leads. Sometimes all it takes is a few questions to understand your prospects’ troubles. And then, getting their attention on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook becomes much easier.

Once you understand what your customers just can’t live without in their day-to-day business lives, you’re on your way to construct social content that converts them.

Add value:

This is one of the most important tactics to really engage your customer, tell them about the value that your product is going to offer and how it will impact their lives. Customers are always looking for the highest value-added available. If you can prove how your offering not only solves a need but actually improves a certain aspect of business or life, you can reach potential customers in a more authentic and honest way.

Always make sure that your call-to-action is pretty clear so that your customers know what to do next. This will help them take a quick decision and act. If possible, try some amazing e-mails where you can not only provide great content but can also gather e-mail ids and add them to your subscriber list, for regular follow-ups and reminders.

However. always keep one thing in mind, value should always be an underlining goal of your marketing communication, people look for how a product is going to enhance their life and will it make better, easier, more enjoyable, more successful.

Create a seamless user experience across all channels: If your customers know exactly what your brand looks and “feels” like, on social media, on your website and blog, or in your webinars and podcasts, they’ll feel more comfortable and connected to you. Make sure that every LinkedIn blog post, Facebook message, and Tweet, as well as every other place you appear online, is a consistent reflection of your brand’s message.

Encourage engagements via your blog and social. Invite comments and feedbacks on your blogs, ask your visitors what they feel about it, what more they want to read, ask them to tweet you back or share your Linkedin post.  Conversations are the lifeblood of any communication, and making the first move is the way to get them started.

Create Curiosity and Invite Investigation

Try to be transparent with your customers and invite them for investigation and give them chances to learn more. Create social campaigns and other content pieces that help your audience calculate value and make highly-informed buying decisions, by doing this, you’re establishing your company as a trustworthy thought-leader and your followers will often convert.

Use trigger words in your social media content. Using the “five W’s,” namely, the questions who, what, where, when, and especially why, this will satisfy the quench of the knowledge-hungry clan.

Use a variety of content forms for various stages of the buying process, for some of your prospects, a whitepaper that goes in-depth about a process or system might be all that’s needed, whereas others will respond better to an unfolding “story” via a series of blog and social media posts.

A quick wrap-up:

As a B2B marketer, you’re already using psychology in every tactic you implement. But with a special focus on the psychological techniques above, especially in the easily distractible yet high-potential world of social media, your conversion rates will only increase.