Three things no one tells you in a Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing has become a day-to-day word, on one hand, entrepreneurs are fighting to mark their presence on the internet and on the other hand, students and job-seekers are searching for good institutes where they can learn it!

Learning digital marketing is a fun and a creative pursuit, but, not an easy task. You have to learn a lot of things together, right from how the website works, SEO, SMM to Google Adwords and Affiliate marketing. Ideally a good training on digital marketing gives you fair insights into all the aspects of digital marketing, but still, there are a lot of training institutes which do not cover or reveals the importance of the following mentioned when they offer you the course.

  1. You cannot be master of all trades: Accept it or not, when you are on your journey to learn digital marketing, you have to accept the fact that you can’t be good at everything. By being good, all I mean is that you cannot be master of all aspects. But this does not mean that you learn only a few things because everything in digital marketing is interrelated.  You should have knowledge of everything, but you should seek expertise in your area of interest. Either you can learn the very basics of Search Engine Optimization and make your career as an expert in SEO or you can seek expertise in Social Media Management and pursue your career in the same field. If you try to master all fields, it might take a lot of time and the result might not be too overwhelming. Instead, specialize in one or two aspects, you can choose SEO and SMM or you can choose content and blogging. Things like Google Analytics and Affiliate Marketing is like icing on the cake, it is always good to know about them, however, you cannot expect to make a full-time career in just Google Analytics.

  1. You should know basic designing software: You are all set to start social media management for your client, you know how Facebook and other social media platforms operate, you know relevant hashtags to be used, but you don’t know one important thing without which you cannot make a post! Yes, that is any designing software which allows you to make posts using images, fonts, color palettes, icons etc. If you already know Corel Draw and Photoshop, it is an added advantage, but what if, you don’t. In that case, learning these two from scratch is difficult and time-consuming and requires an altogether different set of skills. But when you know software like Canva or Snappa or any other available at a nominal cost per month, believe me, your dependence on a designer ends and you are in complete control as a social media marketer. No training institute teaches you designing software and once you are on your way to head a social media or related position in a company, you realize that you do not know how to make posts!

  1. Without knowledge of content, you cannot actually be a good digital specialist: Digital marketing is 80% content, if you know how to write content well, it is half the battle won. From doing search engine optimization to social media management, content optimization and blogging etc, everything in digital needs content. Even things like Ad words and email marketing need hands on knowledge of content writing. But the irony is, no Institute teaches you how to write content, from a scratch, focusing on different types of content like web content, blogging, PPT, a script for Videos, SEO content etc. Knowing how to write content is the backbone of digital marketing; I actually fail to understand when people say that a person is an SEO expert but he is not very good at content. Digital marketing and content go hand in hand, if you want to be an expert digital marketer, you have to be an expert content writer too. When you are a good content writer, a lot of avenues opens for you, you can simply be a blogger and make money through Ad sense, you can opt for web content writing and you can also be a freelance digital marketer.

The above mentioned are my opinions from whatever I have observed in these many years. In case you agree with me and want to learn graphic software and content writing, just drop an email at